A valid government-issued driver’s license will be required of all drivers at the time of rental. The license may not be expired, cracked, broken, or a temporary permit/license. International customers will be required to provide a passport, international drivers license.




Payment may be made by the following: Visa, Master Card, Discover, and debit cards as forms of payment.  Personal checks are not accepted.  Cash is accepted at time of rental reservation, but you must contact us in advance.

We do not accept credit card rental insurance.  All renters must have a valid drivers license and valid credit card for security deposit. Debit cards are accepted, but the deposit may be held longer after return.

All payments must be in U.S. currency.


Rental period starts at the time identified for booking until your return for check-in accordingly (6, 8, 24 hrs, etc later).  Renter should consider to arrive earlier than booking time to be sure the check-out process does not take away from the rental period.  Any time after agreed return time, the vehicle will be assessed late fees until returned OR when you sign new Rental Agreement. We will work with you if notified an hour in advance of your check-in time.


All daily/hourly rentals include between 100-300 miles per day. Excess mileage will be billed at a minimum of $.75-$1.25 per mile.  Please call for more information.


Additional Drivers may be added for a charge of $15 per day per driver to cover the required insurance coverage. A valid driver’s license will be required for each additional driver.  If another driver is seen in the rental unit and not identified as additional driver with insurance, the renter will forfeit deposit.


We offer airport pickup and drop-off service to the surrounding airports. There is a drop-off and/or pickup fee of $100+ each way.  Please call for more information.


Customers will receive a full refund of rental payment if notified with at least 24 hours notice before reservation time or full credit to move their date/time as long as there is no prior booking by other customers.

Customers will receive a 50% refund of rental payment if notified within the 8 to 24 hour period before reservation time or 100% credit towards the move of their date/time as long as there is no prior booking by other customers.

Customers that notify Exotic Toys Houston less than 8 hrs before reservation time or do not show up to 30 minutes after the reservation time will forfeit their full rental payment and reservation time.


Fuel level will be checked and confirmed at the time of rental. Customer is required to bring the vehicle back with the same amount of fuel as when rented. Fuel discrepancies will be billed up to $25.


Vehicles may travel throughout the Houston and Greater Houston Metropolitan area (for example Galveston, Katy, The Woodlands).  Any travel further will require approval from Exotic Toys Houston.  An increased deposit will be required for travel outside of Houston and Greater Houston Metropolitan area.


Pick up and drop off for these days are available and may be arranged by contacting us in advance. During Holidays we get booked quickly so contact asap.


Keeping rental vehicles longer than originally scheduled is generally not a problem provided the vehicle is not already reserved for another customer and payment is processed.


International renters will be required to present a valid passport and a valid international driver's license in order to rent a vehicle from us. We will not accept credit card coverage as insurance.


All renters are required to pick up the vehicle directly from our location (arrangements for delivery, etc, must be prearranged a minimum of 72 hours prior to pickup).


Prepaid reservations are available by contacting us within a few hours before booking. Just call our office or send email. All prepaid bookings are non-refundable if cancelled.


Vehicles returning earlier than the scheduled time on the rental agreement will not receive refund.


Reservations are held for three hours from the provided pickup time or one hour from confirmed flight touch-down time. PLEASE provide your flight information when you book your vehicle. This will ensure that we know when you are arriving and to avoid having your reservation cancelled. If we are unable to reach you in the three hour time period or one hour after your confirmed touch-down, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation and retain the reservation deposit.


Smoking is  allowed. We impose a minimum $100 fine for ANY detection of ashes, burns, etc.


In the event that a customer displays what is deemed to be "aggressive" behavior by Exotic Toys Houston (loud speech, abusive language, unreasonable request, violent, etc.) ETH reserves the right to cancel any scheduled or current rental at any time for the safety of it's staff and property. ETH also reserves the right to randomly perform a background check on all renters which can affect the eligibility of the renter. In these cases up to 50% of the paid invoice amount will held at a cost to the renter.

Representations, Personal Information and Privacy

Exotic Toys Houston takes customer privacy very seriously. It is ETH's policy that customer contact information will not be shared with 3rd parties. At the time of booking and rental, you agree that such privacy policy shall be incorporated by reference as a part of this Agreement and that You have read such Privacy Policy.  You affirm and warrant that any representations or statement made to ETH in writing or verbal communication which would in any way induce ETH to enter into an Agreement are true and that, should any such representations be found to be false or materially misleading, that You are hereby in violation of your rental agreement.

Exotic Toys Houston vehicles may not travel to Canada or Mexico*